Suppression attempts

As permanent sprinkling in word and picture the media show us daily the threatening uncertainty of our existence. Our unstable internal equilibrium can be kept upright only by continual suppression. The layer, that shields us before the latent fears, is however often very thin.

The cycles „camouflage “ „through the flower“ and „under the carpet” play in their fragility, determined by the material, with the ambivalence of these suppression attempts: Printed, collage-like arranged pictures or texts found in the newspapers form the background on firm paper. These headlines or photos are covered by vegetal or ornamental motives in sweet colors in several layers on tissue paper. But these covers do not succeed bringing completely to disappear the background.

The fragile technology of intaglio on tissue paper in several translucent layers was developed particularly for these series.

Through the flower 2005

6 prints 

Paper size: 50 cm : 70 cm

Technique: Intaglio on tissue paper, Intagliotypie

Camouflage 2004 - 2006

9 prints

Paper size: 50 cm: 70 cm

Technique: Intaglio on tissue paper, Intagliotypie